PN II-RU-TE-2014-4-2208
                                             A project implemented at Centre for Population Studies
Rhythms and Patterns: The Quantitative Dimension
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The project's main objective is the reconstruction, along quantitative lines, of the intimate structures governing the defining moments of family life in Transylvania, from the first modern census until the inclusion of Transylvania into the Romanian state. The aspects under study will include the formation of the family, the birth of children, and death, as a family event.

RYPAT represents the first opportunity to scientifically capitalize the Historical Population Database of Transylvania.  Itself a premiere at the national level, this database is currently processing the parish registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths for the period 1850-1914: these registers come from well-delineated and attentively selected zones so as to reflect the ethnically and confessionally composite structure of Transylvania; the database is estimated to include 5-10% of Transylvania’s population during the studied period (cca. 5.4 million births).

From data to intimate life
of Family Life in Transylvania, 1850-1918
Babes-Bolyai University